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Autoprofile control blown film thickness control

Autoprofile air ring:

GET' autoprofile air ring features segmented air ring design. Its ultra fine air chambers on the circumference of the air ring allow air flow touch the bubble at very fine area, in a more precise and more even manner. Thus we get more accurate film thickness control.


  • Available in fixed or oscillating configuration
  • Utilizes PlastControl ACS with any on-line thickness gage
  • Varies the cooling effect on specific bubble segments
  • Reduces long term repeatable film thickness variations
  • Retrofitable to almost any blown film die
  • Typical reduction of 30% of TD variation

Profile control system
PLAST-CONTROL profile control system uses a gauge control device to sense the web gauge. The collected data is sent to ACS 5300 system for calculation and then the correct control commands are sent to the segmented cartridge heaters for adjustment.

Gauge Device

The patent pending Non-Contact Capacitive Gauge System from PLAST-CONTROL is a true touch free capacitive thickness measurement and it operates according to a distance independent air cushion theory. The robust mechanical construction guarantees webgauge data acquisition over a large thickness range. There are more than 2,000 units are installed worldwide

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