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Frequently Asked Questions

Integrated Solutions Offers Quality Manufacturing in a New Way for Today's Global Economy.

Below are some frequently asked question about the products and services offered by Integrated Solutions Co. If your question is not on this page please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your project.

Are my orders are big enough to manufacture overseas?

ISI specializes in small or smaller quantities. We can manufacture as few as one part if the labor involved is significant. We have many customers that will build 3-5 machines at the same time. This means 3 or more parts of each item. The total quantity is what ISI is looking at.

What is the lead time for manufacturing?

ISI can manufacture and deliver parts in as little as 5-7 weeks from approval of all prints by ISI. We can cut this to 3 weeks if shipped by air. ISI prefers to have 10-12 weeks to manufacture and deliver most items.

What about customs and duties and freight?

ISI quotes the majority of orders DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR. All freight, customs and duties are included in the quote. This way you can compare it to your own or local machine shop costs

How long does it take to get the overseas manufacturing started? (First complete production orders in house.)

One of the things we stress to new customers is “”You must be patient.” On average it takes 4-6 months to get the first production order delivered. All prints, notes and specs must be translated into Chinese. To work in Asia all specifications must be noted on the print. If the part is complicated we may provide a sample for approval prior to starting the actual production. The only way to make this work properly is to let ISI do our job and be extremely through in the prep work.

What about mistakes or errors? How are these handled?

ISI works very hard to prevent mistakes from ever shipping from Asia. We have a full time quality control inspector that works only for ISI who does not only do an inspection on completion, but tracks and inspect the manufacturing process along the way.

What if a mistake is discovered after delivery?

ISI partners with local shops in the US that can handle most jobs. If the part does need to be made in Asia again, ISI ships the part at our expense to satisfy our customers’ requirements.

What about trade and design secrets?

ISI takes great steps to eliminate all possibilities of a design being copied in Asia. If required, all prints have all the customers markings removed and just an ISI part # on each print. The Asian manufacturer only sees a part and is not informed about what the parts does. If necessary parts of the job is sent to separate manufacturers to isolate machine components.

What about the quality of parts, material?

ISI manufactures to the customer’s specifications and prints. Quality is our reputation. Most of our new customers come from referrals.

If material specs are critical, ISI purchases only from known suppliers. After receipt of material, ISI will perform chemical and physical property tests.

ISI also imports material from the US into Asia production.

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