Automatic Double-Layer Four-lines Bottom Sealing Bag Making Machine


  • Drag material by one PCS stepper motor
  • Main control panel show by touch screen from Taiwan
  • The drive system of whole machine adopt singlechip control.
  • Intelligent heating temperature controller show
  • Main motor is 1.5kw control by frequency inverter
  • Max diameter of single unwinding: 500mm, unwinding roller is choke plug
  • All of the heating is solid relay controlled.
  • Structure of whole machine is C style steel welding frame.
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    Model CP-400BSC
    Bag width (nature color 2 layers-4 lines) 100 - 400mm *4
    Bag width (nature color 2 layers-2 lines) 100-900mm*2
    Bag width(single color for one line) 100 - 900mm
    Bag length 100-1200mm
    Producing speed 40-120pcs/min*4
    Thickness of film 0.01-0.08mm
    Power 5KW
    Weight 1300kg
    Machine dimension(L×M×H) 3500×1500×1700mm