Computer Controlled High Speed Rotogravure Printing Machine

Model CWASY-8800B CWASY-81000B
Effective Printing Width 800mm 1000mm
Max Width Size of Web 850mm 1050mm
Max.Printing Speed 150 m/min 150 m/min
Max.Diameter of Unwindng/Rewind φ650mm φ650mm
Diameter of Printing Cylinder φ120-300mmm φ120-300mmm
Accuracy of registration ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Heating Power of Oven 3-25KG/fully width 3-25KG/fully width
Total Power 161kw 185kw
Weight of Machine 25000kg 27000kg
Overall Dimension 14500×3500×2700mm 14500×3700×2700mm