Fully Automatic Sine Wane Bag Making Machine


  • Unwind with pneumatic loadingup (max 200kg)
  • vertical tube film gusseting device for easy operation side gusset
  • sin wave cutting driven by 2 servo motor which enable to control sin wave change,operator could set wave via touch screen
  • 2 line sin wave bags aligning set by manual, very easy operation.
  • large scale punch set which is able to change sizes.
  • bag feeding use Servo motor from YASKAWA Japan, 3kw.
  • Whole machine pneumatic components use SHAKO from Taiwan.
  • whole machine control panel use Taiwan Eview 5.7”
  • whole machine PLC control driven by PANASONIC JAPAN.
  • With intellectual temperature controller.
  • main motor 1.5kw driven by inverter 1.5kw from YASKAWA JAPAN.
  • UNWIND EPC tracking,and printing mark tracking by SICK(KT5W)photocell.
  • Unwind maximum roll dia 900mm, the unwind shaft is plug-in shafts.(standard with one air cylinder)
  • feeding traction use Interver control from Delta taiwan.
  • punch-out wastes automatic collection, enable easy die heat maintenance.
  • interval convey type for automatic collecting bags.
  • All temperature controller by solid relay.

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Model CW-1000SW
Bag Type side sealing and sin wave bag
Orientation from right to left
Unwinder width 1400mm(tube film)
Diameter of unwinder ¢900mm(max)
Width size of bag side sealing bag:100-750mm
sine bag:250-750mm
Length size of bag side sealing bag:250-500mm
sine bag:250-450mm
S type cutting height 50mm -200mm
Bottom gusset 30-150mm
Thickness of film HDPE:0.025-0.05mm
Speed of bag making 30-100pcs/min (side sealing bag)
30-90pcs/min (sine/wave bag)
Total power About 12.2KW
Power 3P-415V-50HZ(optional)
Noise About 80 decibel
Dimension of machine 8500×2500×2050mm
Weight of machine 3500kg
Air compressor 6HP (not include)