Fully Automatic Soft Loop Handle Bag Making Machine


  • Flexible soft loop handle feeding system,fully automatic
  • Pre-sealing knife ,heated on double sides and strong for fusing,to make the bags without deformation
  • The best quality of Italian side sealing knife, Heated to high temperatures not deformation
  • Newly design of sealing knife top lift and turn over system
  • Its designed by heating punching and it's easy to cut off, the waster is excluded automatic

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Type CW-800LP
Length of bag making (height of the bag) 250-750mm
Width of bag making 250-600mm
Top folded 50-75mm
Bottom insert 20-70mm
Speed of bag making 60pcs/min
Total power 10KW
Machine weight 3200kg
Machine dimension 6200×3100×1870mm
Air compressor (not included) 6HP
  • soft loop handle bag
  • die cut handle bag