High Speed Bag Making Machine Specially for Central and Bottom Sealing Bag


  • It has many kinds of bags for changeble, you can set the fixed parameter
  • Double servo motor, double inverter driving, the film will not shake even the machine running at a high speed.
  • Coaxial eccentricity transmission mode, long time heat sealing but low temperature.
  • Bridge type heavy pressing heat sealing structure, the sealing have a high intensity.
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    Model CWZD-400ZF CWZD-600ZF+SZ
    Unwind width size 1000mm 1200mm
    Height of bag 70-380mm × N (N≤6) 70-380mm × N (N≤6)
    Width size of bag 70-380mm 70-580mm
    Speed of bag making 30-140pcs/min 30-130pcs/min
    Line speed 30m/min 30m/min
    Total power 20kw 34kw
    Weight of machine 3200kg 4220kg
    Overall dimension(L×M×H) 10000×1600×1700mm 10000x1800x1700mm