Series Elevator Rotary Die Head PE Film Blowing Machine

Model CP-50HL CP-55HL CP-60HL CP-65HL
Suitable Raw Material HDPE LDPE LLDPE
FILM WIDTH 200-600mm 400-800mm 500-1000mm 600-1200mm
FILM THICKNESS HDPE 0.009-0.05mm 0.009-0.1mm 0.009-0.1mm 0.009-0.1mm
LDPE 0.02-0.1mm 0.03-0.1mm 0.03-0.1mm 0.03-0.1mm
Max.Extrusion Output HDPE 50kg/hr 55kg/hr 65kg/hr 70kg/hr
LDPE 55kg/hr 65kg/hr 70kg/hr 75kg/hr
Extruding Unit
Screw Diameter  ¢50 ¢55 ¢60 ¢65
Screw L/D Length 30:1
CYLINDER MATERIAL Bi-Metallic / SACM-645 with nitrided treatment
CYLINDER COOLING 370W×3 370W×3 370W×3 370W×3
Temperature Control 3 groups 3 groups 3 groups 3 groups
Extruding Motor 15kw 18.5kw 22kw 30kw
Die heat
Die Size ¢60/100 ¢60/150 ¢100/220 ¢120/250
Temperature Control 3 groups
Air Ring 1 groups
Center Steady Stick 1
Guiding unit
Guiding Speed 10-100m/min 10-100m/min 10-80m/min 10-80m/min
The Width Of Guiding Roller ¢165×700 ¢165×900 ¢165×1100 ¢165×1300
Effect Guiding Width 500mm 600mm 800mm 1200mm
Surface Friction Type
Diameter Of Unwind ¢650mm
Winding speed 10-100m/min 10-100m/min 10-100m/min 10-80m/min
Dimension 5.0×2.0×4.1m 5.0×2.2×4.1m 5.5×2.5×5.2m 5.8×2.8×6.5m