About Us

Integrated Solutions is an overseas manufacturer of machine parts for US companies.

Creating A Bridge Between The Domestic Machinery Manufacturing & The Overseas Factories

Our Capabilities: ISI manufacture many types of parts for our customers. From the standard machine shop services, like milling and turning. To parts and in plastic, rubber, fiberglass and many others.

Does not matter what material or industry, as long as your part has labor involved we can lower your costs.

Integrated Solutions. (ISI) was founded on June 1, 2002 in Santa Ana, California with a vision of creating a bridge between the domestic machinery manufacturers and the overseas factories of quality custom parts and auxiliary equipment. We have had to expand our location twice. We are now located in Garden Grove, CA With our extensive background of packaging machinery and the understanding of the demands from the US market, we are able to fulfill our customers' needs with lower cost machine parts/equipment to successively help them be more competitive on a global scale.

We are very aware of protecting our customers technology, and take great care in protecting our customers intellectual property. To give our customers' peace of mind, we coordinate all necessary work here in our office. Our knowledgeable staff will eliminate your worries such as language difficulty, communication barrier, print translation, metric conversion, shipping, importation, etc.

We deliver our products to you with a 100% guarantee. If you encounter any problem, our products carry full warranty, and all services and warranty claims are handled in our office in Garden grove, California. No middle of the night calls to worry about We normally receive all shipments at our ISI warehouse by Ocean freight. The transit time is about 3 weeks. However, 5-7-day Air Cargo and 3 to 4 days air express is available for urgent shipments. If necessary, we can arrange a stocking program in the US for your products, to meet your special delivery requirements. We are here to save you time, and handle any issues with production so your operation goes smoothly and seamlessly