Turning Turning Specializing in both manual and computerized CNC turning systems, ISI manufactures high quality, lower-cost parts of the tight tolerance you need! Turning Learn More mcm-cta-arrow
Milling Milling Using our manual milling machines, 4 and 5-axis CNC machines, ISI can produce parts in almost any shape based on your design specifications. Milling Learn More mcm-cta-arrow
Gears Gears ISI’s factories are experienced in making quality OEM precision ground or cut gears for the plastic film, aerospace, printing, woodworking and manufacturing industries. Gears Learn More mcm-cta-arrow
Castings / Forging Castings / Forging ISI is able to provide casting and forging in many different alloys such as aluminum, magnesium, titanium, carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and more. Castings / Forging Learn More mcm-cta-arrow
Rubber, Steel, & Aluminum Rolls Rubber, Steel, & Aluminum Rolls It does not matter if you are looking for one roll, ten, or hundreds of rolls, ISI can offer you quality products at lower costs. Rubber, Steel, & Aluminum Rolls Learn More mcm-cta-arrow
HR Ball Conveyor Conveyors ISI products ranges from chains, sprockets, to modular plastic belts, bearings, couplings, variable speed motors, gear motors, AC & DC drives, and PLC control solutions. Conveyors Learn More mcm-cta-arrow
Ti Rack Electroplating Rack & Basket ISI designs, builds, and supplies electroplating racks for manual or automated plating and painting lines. Electroplating Rack & Basket Learn More mcm-cta-arrow
Carbowax Heater Tan Weldments When it comes to joining two pieces of metal, we are able to meet a wide array of welding needs using arc welding, MIG, TIG welding and more. Weldments Learn More mcm-cta-arrow
Material Handling Equipment Material Handling Equipment ISI’s wide selection of products from castors to conveyors, hoists, cranes, and more will help you get your product moved efficiently, and with short ROIs. Material Handling Equipment Learn More mcm-cta-arrow
Custom Plastic Parts Custom Plastic Parts ISI supplies electroplating racks and supplies for your plating needs whether fully automated or manual systems. Custom Plastic Parts Learn More mcm-cta-arrow
Heat Induction Coils Heat Induction Coils ISI has the experience to supply specific induction coils for your needs. We serve the industrial, aerospace, medical and scientific processes and industries. Heat Induction Coils Learn More mcm-cta-arrow
Static Bar Specialty Items Whether it is an OEM component, a complete assembly or a complete product ISI will help you with your manufacturing. Specialty Items Learn More mcm-cta-arrow

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Founded on June 1, 2002 in Santa Ana, California, Integrated Solutions has an extensive background of packaging machinery and an understanding of the demands from the US market. With a vision of creating a bridge between the domestic machinery manufacturers and the overseas factories of quality custom parts and auxiliary equipment, we can be the solution for your next project.

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