Creating A Bridge Between Domestic Machinery Manufacturing & Overseas Factories

Integrated Solutions (ISI) was founded on June 1, 2002, in Santa Ana, California with a vision of creating a bridge between the domestic machinery manufacturers and the overseas factories of quality custom parts and auxiliary equipment. We have had to expand our location twice. We are now located in Garden Grove, CA. With our extensive background in manufacturing, machinery and the understanding of the demands from the US market, we are able to fulfill our customers’ needs with lower-cost parts/equipment to successively help them be more competitive on a global scale.

Integrated Solutions is an overseas manufacturer of machine parts for USA and Canadian companies. ISI manufactures many types of parts for our customers. From the standard machine shop services, like milling and turning, to parts in plastic, rubber, fiberglass, and many others. It does not matter what material or industry, as long as your part has labor involved we can lower your costs.

We take the worry about manufacturing overseas:  We very aware of protecting our customers’ technology, and take great care in protecting our customers’ intellectual property. To give our customers peace of mind, we coordinate all the necessary work here in our office. Our knowledgeable staff will eliminate your worries such as language difficulty, communication barrier, print translation, metric conversion, shipping, importation, etc. ISI delivers our products to you with a 100% guarantee. If you encounter any problem, our products carry a full warranty, and all services and warranty claims are handled in our office in Garden Grove, California. No middle of the night calls to Asia for you to worry about.

Delivery and timeframe: You will need to allow time to get the process started.  ISI can save you substantial costs, but this is not a “next day operation”.  The initial process of manufacturing parts overseas does take some time. ISI will review your prints and handle all the translation issues.  On most orders, ISI will manufacture a “first article” for the customers’ approval before starting full production.  After this approval is received, most parts can be produced in 2-6 weeks. Then the transit time to the USA is about 3-4 weeks. However, 5-7-day air cargo and 3 to 4 days air express are available for urgent shipments. If necessary, we can arrange a stocking program in the US for your products, to meet your special delivery requirements.  We normally receive all shipments at our ISI warehouse in Garden Grove Ca., but direct deliveries can be easily arranged.

We are here to save you time, and handle any issues with production so your operation goes smoothly and seamlessly.

Zamboni Company

History with ISI – ISI supplies all parts needed to assemble the Zamboni Ice Machines, including the cloth ice wiper towels. Sales to Zamboni have increased by over 30% from last year.

Interview with Wayne Brewer – General Manager, Paramount, CA Division.

Testimonial –

I don’t know how many years ago Zamboni started doing business with ISI but I do remember that I was always pleasantly surprised at how easy it was dealing with the owner Joe, whom I believe is a respected businessman. We started off slow with just a few small items but with ISI’s ability to deliver quality products on schedule and at a fair price we soon escalated the number of items we sourced from them and those numbers grew as the years passed. It didn’t seem to matter what we asked Joe to source, he always had a connection. My favorite part of doing business with ISI was that Joe is a “no BS” guy. He is honest and tells it like it is. Those are rare qualities in the business world today. Joe even went so far as to stock some of our parts so we could get faster delivery when our purchasing department failed to provide adequate lead time. I consider ISI to be a valuable supplier.

Lacerta Group, Inc.

History with ISI – A couple of Lacerta’s purchases included a 4 color print CI press for 500 micron PET. The press is gearless with a sleeve system. They have also purchased a deep hole boring machine.

Interview with Mostafa Lofti – Owner, Mansfield, Massachusetts.

Testimonial –

I have been a customer with ISI for over 7 years. I was not confident in dealing directly with Taiwan/China, so I went to ISI. ISI has more than delivered. I purchased a Top-of-the-Line Deep Hole Boring Machine. The quality was exceptional, and far better than I expected. The pricing was amazing. The owner, Joe, is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in all fields of manufacturing. When he says something, he delivers!

Walco, Inc.

History with ISI – ISI supplies custom machined parts for many different products. High detail and
quality is required. Items supplied were generated from samples or hand-drawn prints.

Interview with Stuart M. Davis – CEO, Walco, Inc.

Testimonial –

Joe Whann and his team have provided exceptional service, support and ideas to Walco, for over 10+ years so far.

His team’s suggestions have saved Walco’s clients tens of thousands of dollars and given dependable, predictable production returns for every Walco using Joe’s products.

Well done and THANK YOU.

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Client of 10 Years

History with ISI – ISI supplies custom machined parts for many different products. High detail and quality is required. Items supplied were generated from samples or hand-drawn prints.

Interview with Long Standing Client

Testimonial – 

We have been using ISI for almost 10 years,  with excellent results. Their team works hard so you don’t have to learn all of the ins and outs of international product manufacturing.  They take care of everything from start to finish, with samples ahead of production. The ownership partners with the customer to create a very beneficial result.  Trade secrets are kept as the number one priority. Costs are extremely competitive, saving my company up to 30 percent in manufacturing costs.