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Whether you are looking for one roll, ten rolls, or hundreds of rolls, ISI can offer you quality products at lower costs. To save time we manufacture in the USA. For lower costs and value, we manufacture in Asia. ISI uses the highest quality materials. Our rolls are manufactured to meet your exact drawing requirements and specifications.

ISI currently supplies rollers to USA roller manufacturers and OEM’s. Your local supplier can easily be our middleman. Buy direct and save.

If you are the end-user, ISI can also fulfill your requirements with our hands-on approach.

ISI can provide a wide variety of roll sizes:  Small diameter rolls, for machines like printers and labelers, to long length and large diameter rolls for industries like Polyethylene Terephtalate (PET) and BOPP (Biaxially Oriented PolyPropylene) plastic manufacturing.

All our rolls are custom manufactured to your specifications. At ISI we have experience serving the warehousing, aerospace, distribution, automobile, and other industries.

Many of our customers find that is less costly to purchase a completely new roll, (body and rubber cover) from ISI, than to have their existing ones recovered at the current supplier.

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  • Rubber Covered Rolls

    Neoprene, Silicon, RTV, Urethane, Hypalon, EPDM
    Grooved, Strait, or Spiral
    Strait or Crowned Grind
    ¼” to 36" in Diameter
    Up to 200" in Length

  • Steel or Alloy Rolls

    Chrome, Hard Chrome, Flash Chrome
    Thermal Transfer Rolls, Single Wall, Dual Wall
    Print Cylinders, Rotogravure, Flexographic Plate, Impression
    Steel Mill Rolls
    Specialty Coated (Specialty Hard Coatings, Plasma Sprays)
    Aluminum idlers
    And More...

  • Aluminum Idlers

    Ground, Not Turned
    Clear or Hard Anodized
    With or Without Shafts and Bearings
    Smoothbore or Ribbed ID for Stiffness
    Smooth, Spiral, or Chevron Grooved

  • BOPP

    Width 8.2/8.7/10.4m
    Line Speed 450-600m/min

  • MDO

    Stretching Roll - Chrome Coating - Mirror Polishing
    Pre-Heating Roll - Chrome Coating Mirror Polishing
    Pre-Heating Roll - Teflon coating

  • PRS

    Cooling Roll - Chrome Coating
    Cooling Roll - Stainless Steel Coating
    Corona Roll - Silicon Rubber Coating
    Corona NIP Roll - EPDM Rubber Coating

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